What is the best RH for your cigars?

This questions gets asked a lot. The quick answer is if you are aging cigars then 65%. If you are using them consistently for smoking then 68% to 72% is okay. The long answer is it all depends on what you like in terms of your smoke. A wetter cigar will have a moist flavor and slightly less smoke output. Where.a drier cigar will almost hold it’s initial light for 5 minutes and has a much higher smoke output. The flavors will be different as well.

Then you have your climates that you live in. If you are in a very humid climate then you won’t need to keep them very moist because very little moisture will be sucked out of your humidor. Yet if you are in a dry climate then you will need more humidity because the dry air will suck that moisture out.

You will need to experiment and test to your liking and climate. Rule of thumb is never let it sit too long above 78% and too long below 62%. Outside of that rnage you are looking at irreparable harm to your precious cigars.

This is Senor Juan.

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